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FlightStats Presents OPS Award to KLM: Good People Running a Really Good Airline

“Good people running a really great airline.”

That’s what our VP of Customer, David White, had to say about the KLM Royal Dutch Airlines team when he traveled to Amsterdam on February 15, 2017, to present them with our On-time Performance Service Award for Most On-time Major International Airline Network.

KLM Dutch Airlines

KLM won the title of Most On-time Major International Airline Network with an on-time performance of 88.53%.

About the OPS Awards

Eight years ago, we started the Annual On-Time Performance Service Awards in order to recognize airlines for achieving exceptional on-time performance in spite of the many challenges working against them. Our experience in the aviation industry has taught us how difficult it is for airlines to get their passengers from point A to point B in a timely manner.

The OPS Awards program is designed to shed a positive light on airlines as well as give the best of best the acknowledgment they deserve. Additionally, we aim to provide an example of success to others in the industry.

FlightStats on-time performance awards

There are numerous factors that affect on-time performance, many of which are not within an airline’s control, and we appreciate the magnitude of their collective efforts.

For the Major International Airline Network category, our team analyzed the on-time arrival performance of the largest airlines in the world based on Available Seat Miles. In addition, each airline was required to have more than 1,000 scheduled flights to three or more geographical regions. A tracking coverage threshold of 85% was used to limit the analysis to the carriers we recorded comprehensive historical data for in 2016. In all, 40 airlines representing approximately 14.8 million flights met the criteria and were included in the analysis.

On-time performance is a team effort

The awards ceremony was attended by employees from all parts of KLM and its network partner, KLM Cityhopper, which includes pilots, cabin crew members, maintenance staff and ground services personnel.

René de Groot, Chief Operating Officer of KLM, requested that we present the award to a gate agent and a ground services worker rather than take accept it himself. He then delivered a congratulatory speech acknowledging the hard work of his team.

“Punctuality plays an important role in our customers’ travel experience and is also essential for efficient business operations,” said de Groot. “The award is an important recognition for all KLM staff who work on this every day.”

KLM on-time performance

KLM staff members, Tino de Jong and Nadia Aarab, took possession of the award. They both work for the ground services division, which is responsible for handling passengers, baggage and aircraft.

Consistently delivering the best service

Throughout the years, KLM has maintained consistently high on-time performance, ranking in the top five for the Major International Airline category since 2011. Additionally, this is not the first time KLM has won an OPS Award. In 2014, they were awarded the title of Most On-time Major International Airline and in 2013 they were named the Most On-time Major European Airline.

“Time and time again, KLM scores well for punctuality and, in its own distinctive way, shows how important customer satisfaction is,” said White. “KLM deserves a real compliment for the way its personnel works together to achieve that. Their efforts have earned them this award.”

airline on-time performance

All divisions of KLM make major contributions to their punctuality, from ground services to cabin crew.