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FlightStats’ Statement Regarding OPS Awards: Providing Transparency in the Aviation Industry

Eight years ago, FlightStats decided to begin offering the Annual On-Time Performance Service Awards in order to recognize airlines for their exceptional on-time performance. Our experience in the aviation industry has taught us how difficult it is for airlines to get their passengers from point A to point B in a timely manner and we appreciate their efforts.

We intended to use the OPS Awards program to shed a positive light on airlines and give them the acknowledgment they deserve. For this reason, we made it a point to not include a “worst performing airline” category in our annual OPS Awards. We believe the focus should be on congratulating the airlines who performed well, not punishing the airlines who did not.

However, we are a data company first and foremost. Our job is to publish unbiased performance statistics based on the airline data we process. We report flight status and performance data from trusted sources that include airlines, airports, GDS systems, civil aviation authorities and positional data sources. This information is available to the public in our monthly OTP reports.

We stand by our data, collection systems and reporting based on these data sources and our validation methodologies. All data is reported using the industry standard A14 metric, which measures the percentage of on-time actual gate arrivals less than 15 minutes of the scheduled gate arrival.

We certainly understand an airline’s concern when our data records show them as having low on-time performance and would be pleased to work with them to understand where differences exist to ensure the highest degree of accuracy for both of us. We are happy to work with airlines with regards to the data we have sourced to compare with their own data. Our team would also be pleased to integrate a direct source of their real-time status information as part of our system, as we do with many other airlines around the globe.

Our goal is to be as factual as possible in order to provide transparency within the industry as it relates to on-time performance. We understand that numerous factors impact on-time performance, many of which are not within an airline’s control. At FlightStats, we have the highest respect for airlines and the challenges they face every day.

To view more about our methodology and criteria of our OPS awards, please visit our interactive 2016 OPS performance report and click on the “About This Report” tab.