France air traffic chaos in numbers

Airport-Departure-Board-CancellationsThe air traffic controllers strike in France against the European Union’s plans to create a single European airspace led to the cancellation of thousands of flights is over after two days and without resolution to the major issues. Intra-France flights and European flights took the biggest hit from the strike, while international flights were largely unaffected.*

Controllers were disputing the consolidation of Europe’s air traffic control system under a single authority due to concern that it could negatively impact public safety.

Here is a quick glimpse of departing flight cancellations from France by date:

Date Flights Cancelled Note
June 10 12 Before strike
June 11 783 Day one of strike
Jun2 12 955 Day 2 of strike

Most impacted countries were: (Flights are departing from country listed in table below with France as the destination)

Country June 11 Scheduled June 11 Cancelled June 12 Scheduled June 12 Cancelled
France 910 402 919 502
Germany 147 72 151 78
Great Britain 133 62 132 64
Italy 115 49 115 57
Spain 105 37 117 46
Switzerland 61 25 67 38

*Ryanair flight data not included in this set.