GDSX to integrate FlightStats’ Trip Disruption Management into COMPLEAT

GDSX customers will be the first in the industry to proactively monitor and manage trip disruptions from within their existing mid-office solution

Conducive Technology Corp., makers of FlightStats and GDSX, Ltd., have agreed to integrate the travel industry’s first trip disruption monitoring & management application into a mid-office automation system for travel agencies.

Travel management companies (TMCs) have long managed the procurement, policy and expense analysis of travel, but they are historically less than relevant when a traveler is in motion, and, at best, reactive when things go wrong. For more than four years, nearly 50 TMCs, using the FlightStats web-based, TripAssist product, have proven the value of this TMC role. When a TMC remains engaged throughout the active travel phase and notified proactively of trouble, they can rebook, or advocate on behalf of their traveler to assure the best possible resolution with the airline, secure a hotel or reschedule a ground transfer – all with measurable cost advantages. Agent involvement reduces total trip expense, non-compliant purchasing, and travel inconvenience while boosting travel effectiveness, program adoption, TMC relevance, and global traveler tracking and visibility during irregular events. Integration of this information into the agency’s mid-office workflow will make these processes even more efficient and valuable.

“Trip disruptions remain one of the largest unmanaged cost and risk centers for managed travel.” Says Cindy Allen, CEO of GDSX. “GDSX is proud to be the first to integrate these unique services from FlightStats directly into the tools that agencies use every day.”

For participating agencies, GDSX will pass limited PNR data to FlightStats that will then monitor trips and push triggered delay, threatened, or missed connection messages back to GDSX in XML format. GDSX will develop the user interface within their COMPLEAT product to allow agencies to manage trip disruptions proactively.

“Think of it as Trip Assurance that delivers a clear ROI and improved travel outcomes for corporate travel.” Says Jeff Kennedy, CEO of Conducive Technology, makers of FlightStats. “Delivery of these capabilities through GDSX applications will deliver these kinds of services to an even broader audience.”

About FlightStats

Conducive Technology Corp., the creators of FlightStats, is the global leader in collecting, monitoring, and distributing real-time and historical flight status and travel-related information. Conducive also captures ticketed PNR data from all major sources and offers a range of flight and trip monitoring solutions including Agent Advantage, a web-based suite of tools for the travel provider, and complete Web Service for custom integrations. In addition, the unique patent-pending TripTalk™ messaging platform allows airports, airlines, agencies, and other travel stakeholders to publish a variety of messages to travelers across FlightStats’ extensive network of data subscribers, affiliates and partners.

FlightStats data powers many TMC and airline itinerary monitoring and messaging services, airport websites and FIDS displays, flight information offerings on the major search engines, including Google and Bing, many popular mobile travel applications, automotive GPS systems, top-tier travel sites, and the world’s leading hotel chains. Over three million unique users check flight and airport information each month on the company’s public website: and that number is growing rapidly. Millions more access FlightStats data via the search engines, mobile apps and affiliate websites. Passengers in airports across the world rely on FlightStats data.

About GDSX

GDSX, Ltd. is a technology solutions provider to the travel industry specializing in mid-office automation, including quality control, auto ticketing, and pre-trip authorization. The company’s flagship product, COMPLEAT, is a hosted software application which enables customer-authored workflows and PNR processing. GDSX empowers travel management companies, corporate travel departments, and online travel providers with the freedom to rapidly customize the software to meet their specific business needs. GDSX solutions process reservations for more than 5 million travelers in over 75 countries around the globe.

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