2017 Delayed Flights

Global Flight Cancellations and Delays in 2017 so far [Infographic]

Travel certainly was hectic during the first week of the New Year mostly due to extreme winter weather in several regions in the world. The snowy and icy conditions resulted in thousands of canceled and delayed flights. Check out our infographic to find out exactly how travel was affected:

FlightStats Global Flight Delays and Cancellations


North America

A series of winter storms dropped snow in 49 of the 50 U.S. states. The blast of winter weather practically paralyzed the Southeast, prompting Georgia to declare a state of emergency. Snow, sleet and freezing rain increased the number of delays in the Carolinas.


Most of Central and Eastern Europe were hit hard by a bitter cold during the first week of January. Snow storms and blizzards cause travel chaos across Italy, the Balkans and much of Turkey. In fact, Turkey was one of the areas most affected by the arctic outbreak with Turkish Airlines halting hundreds of flights out of Istanbul. Even the islands of Greece were covered in snow.


Most of the reported delays in Asia occurred in China as a result of the severe fog and smog that has caused havoc in the region. Many airplanes were grounded and airports were closed.

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