I am thankful for having a travel manager that saves the day when things go wrong

Fear, uncertainty, and dread are a few words that may come to mind when thinking of Thanksgiving travel.  All travel management companies (TMCs) have their own horror stories when it comes to managing travel this time of year.  This season, it is compounded with the historic and dire predictions of El Nino’s impact on global weather.

The big question is, are you prepared to handle what may happen this year?  Have you learned from the past how to better manage your travelers?  As Thanksgiving is upon us, let’s take a look at what has happened in the past and what we might expect for this year.

Year over year travel has steadily gotten worse the week of Thanksgiving.  The number of delays and cancellations are on the rise.  The average minutes of delays is enough to cause travelers to miss connecting flights.


This year’s winter is predicted to be harsh and may be the worst season in many years.  So how are you preparing to handle your travelers?  What are you doing now to adequately prepare duty of care?  Don’t assume and rely on the airlines and other third parties to take care of your travelers.  Take the steps needed as a TMC now to set yourself apart to be able to provide disruption management for your travelers.  Make Thanksgiving travel less stressful by letting your travelers know you have their backs.

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