Helping TMCs, OTAs and CTDs in a Changing World

FlightStats offers a variety of Data Services and applications that can help TMCs, OTAs and corporate travel departments deliver a higher level of service while improving financial performance.

Trip Services That Can Deepen Customer Engagement

Our Trip Data Services are designed to a high level of service in a more economical manner. These services power alerts that can be delivered directly to a traveler, or integrated into an agent desktop.  Services include:

  • Traveler Trip Alerts
  • Agent Trip Alerts
  • And much more…
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Powerful Reporting Solutions That Combine Trip, Flight and Other Data Sets

Trip Analytics is a growing area of focus for FlightStats. We’ve come to believe that current trip reporting solutions are incomplete and not timely enough. Not to mention prohibitively expensive. We think there is a better way. We are currently developing our next generation Trip Analytics solution. Combining trip data with our flight data and with other trip-related data sets, we are working to surface new insights and answer questions that now go unanswered. And we can provide those answers in near real-time, versus the delay seen in current solutions. Working with industry partners, we expect to answer questions such as:

  • What were the actual trip outcomes for all of my travelers?
  • How much time did delays or disruptions cause my executives?
  • Is my company meeting its contractual market share obligations to our suppliers?
  • Are our suppliers meeting their contractual obligations to us?
  • Are our suppliers delivering a high level of service relative to other suppliers?

As on-time performance becomes a more important consideration in supplier contract negotiations, visibility into actual performance will become even more critical. We want to connect parties and provide data and applications that help them work through these visibility challenges.

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Integrating Predictive Information Into Business Processes

Prediction used properly can have a huge positive economic impact. As FlightStats brings its Predictive Services to the market, solving problems for travel professionals will be the main area of focus. FlightStats will soon introduce new predictive data products for the benefit of our agency customers. These products will require integration of FlightStats prediction data with customer data sets and customer workflows. We think the use cases are very exciting, and we’re happy to share our thoughts if you would like to know more.

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Multiple Options for Acquiring Trip Information

Getting access to trip data is the first step in using our Trip Data Services.  FlightStats offers multiple options for making this happen: FlightStats never owns the trip data of its customers, but we can use this data to drive high-value solutions.


Our preferred solution, FlightStats offers a simple trip import API that can connect your back office with our platform.

Mid-Office Solutions

FlightStats has relationships with multiple mid-office solutions, each of whom can push itinerary data directly to us with your permission.


Using your airline/agency credentials, FlightStats can access and read off of GDS queues.

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Get Up and Running Quickly With FlightStats Trip Applications

FlightStats offers hosted trip applications that are designed specifically for TMCs to drive alerting, and to surface and report on disruption as it is happening. Using these applications, a TMC and its customers can get up and running quickly with minimal upfront investment. Our hosted products include:

FlightStats Trip Alerts Included are pre-travel messages such as trip reminders, and day-of-travel messages should the traveler opt to receive alerts. Messages are available in multiple delivery formats. TMCs have the ability to customize and brand traveler messages.

FlightStats Trip Assist An agent desktop monitoring and proactive re-accommodation application that consolidates activity for at-risk itineraries into a single view. The Trip Assist console also provides workflow management tools so that users can track the steps taken to resolve itinerary problems.

Alerting and disruption management are must-have products for TMCs, both as a service offering and for the revenue they generate. With our hosted trip applications, we can help you deliver on your service promises and also help you achieve a positive return on investment.

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Flight Data Services That Can Drive Agency Applications

If you’re just looking for great flight data for your agency applications, FlightStats has you covered. We offer a host of Flight Data Services that agencies can quickly and easily integrate. We make this data available through a library of API services that are well documented and easy to consume. These services offer more than just great data, they also offer the enterprise-level characteristics that your agency requires.

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