Helping Airlines Meet the Information Challenge

Few people appreciate all that goes into getting a plane, or a group of planes, from one point to the next. The task requires a massive coordination effort, with much of that effort focused on information. Getting the right information to the right people at the right time is critical for meeting everyone’s expectations.

FlightStats is Uniquely Positioned to Help Airlines in This Effort

Working with FlightStats, an airline can:

Control The Message FlightStats data reaches a large number of global travelers and service providers every day. Make sure your airline’s data is properly represented.

Gain Insight Our data and visualizations can help a carrier drive insights on itself, its code-share partners, and its competitors.

Leverage FlightStats’ Reach Use FlightStats to distribute data to parties who might otherwise be difficult or costly to reach.

Help With Traveler Communications and Customer Service With our Trip Data Services, we can assist with traveler and agent alerting, reporting, and other passenger services.

Drive Web and Mobile Applications Our Flight Data Services are easy to consume, and can be used to drive applications across an airline and beyond.

Learn more about our Airline Partnership Program and how FlightStats can help your airline

Why Work With FlightStats?

FlightStats holds a unique leadership position in two areas that directly contribute to the airline’s bottom line.

Passenger Services

FlightStats provides flight status information and intelligent alerts to more travelers than any other organization in the world. Getting travelers the right information at the right time via the right channel is critical for delighted customers and for efficient operations.

Operations and Analytics

Accurate, timely information is the foundation of efficient and profitable airline operations—from route planning, through the flight operations, to historical performance analysis. Airlines can no longer operate as data “islands”. They need to know what their code-share and alliance partners are doing, as well as their competitors. They need both real-time information to support daily operational decisions, as well as rich historical information for analysis and planning.

Airline Partnership Program

In our desire to work closely with airlines, FlightStats has established an Airline Partnership Program that delivers benefits to both parties. As a member of our partnership program, airlines agree to provide FlightStats with a real-time operational data feed. In exchange, FlightStats will provide airlines with:

  • A user license for our On Time Performance (OTP) Analysis Workbook. This Tableau workbook provides your airline with critical benchmarking performance information.
  • Discounts on FlightStats Flight Data Services and Trip Data Services.

By contributing data to FlightStats, you help insure that the information we provide to hundreds of major outlets is as accurate, consistent, and timely as possible. It gives you better control over what we say about your airline’s operations compared to airlines where we gather data from indirect sources.

We can ingest your airline’s data quickly and in a variety of ways

Improving Airline Economics

Data is powerful – especially when it can be used to deliver better operational and financial performance. Working with FlightStats, airlines can:

  • Make more informed decisions – Leverage our insight into what’s expected, what’s happening now, and what happened.
  • Unify Message – Insure that data is consistent across all touch-points.
  • Increase revenue – The right data can uncover revenue opportunities that were previously unavailable.
  • Reduce operational costs – We can make it easier to gather, store and distribute information, reducing costs in the process. Whether it’s excess costs related to disruption, or internal costs to communicate with stakeholders or manage your IT department, we can make a difference.
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