Disruption Needs to Be Disrupted

As air travel becomes even more ubiquitous, the challenges facing those managing the air traffic control system continue to grow. Between more planes, more flights, and capacity that isn’t ramping up as quickly as it needs to, travelers are certain to face more disruption. The modernization of the air traffic control system will help alleviate some of these challenges, but it won’t solve them all. FlightStats works with many players in the operations space to address the challenges faced by those managing this complex system. Identifying disruption, and evolving how to respond to it, are at the core of what we do.

Real-Time Data to Serve Operational Needs

FlightStats, part of FlightGlobal, is the leading provider of real-time global flight data to companies and individuals across the travel ecosystem. We offer a host of Flight Data Services for quick and easy integration.

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Analytics Solutions for the Operations Market

FlightStats offers historical reporting and analytics solutions that enable our customers to take advantage of our vast archive of historical information, in combination with near real-time data. This data is particularly well suited to serve the needs of the operations community. We offer:

  • Reporting applications that deliver historical on-time performance data on airlines and airports.
  • Real-time visualization applications that show what’s happening now with airlines, airports and routes.

We also offer data that customers can use to power their own analytics solutions.

Learn more about our Analytics applications at our Reports and Visualizations page

Working With Partners to Serve the Operations Community

We work with multiple distribution partners to deliver FlightStats data into various markets. And we distribute data on behalf of others. We are particularly active in working with partners who serve operational markets. FlightStats works with many leaders in the operational space who are working on next-generation solutions. We can assist with in these solutions, and we realize the stronger our relationships in the operations space the more our passenger solutions will benefit.