Passenger Markets Will Continue to Grow

More people are taking advantage of air travel than ever before. And the number of passengers is expected to continue to grow. Over the next 20 years, passenger traffic is expected to double from current levels. The challenges inherent in serving passengers will surely grow as well. To add value, travel professionals will need to be able answer questions about what’s expected, what’s happening now, and what happened. And they will need to leverage data and applications if they hope to answer these questions quickly and correctly. FlightStats is uniquely positioned to assist with this challenge.

The Leader in Real-Time Flight Data for Passenger Markets

FlightStats, part of FlightGlobal, is the leading provider of real-time global flight data to companies and individuals across the travel ecosystem. We offer a host of Flight Data Services for quick and easy integration. We make this data available through a library of API services that are well documented and easy to consume. These services offer more than just great data, they also offer the enterprise-level characteristics that our customers demand.

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Enhancing Passenger Services Solutions With Trip Data

The intersection of trip data and flight data can be very powerful. FlightStats is uniquely positioned to decorate trip data with flight and other data, and deliver high-value solutions that benefit our B2B customers. We are working to leverage our expertise in real-time data management to expand our portfolio of trip-focused products.

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