About the OPS Awards

Recognizing Exceptional On-time Performance

FlightStats tracks the performance of nearly 90,000 flights operated and serviced by thousands of airlines and airports each day. We archive that data and analyze the performance by airline, by route, and by airport to keep track of how those airlines and airports perform and how the industry performs as a whole.

The FlightStats OPS awards were designed to recognize those airlines and airports that demonstrate consistently high performance and deliver on their promise to deliver passengers to their destinations in a timely manner.

Selection Process for Airlines

The selection process used to determine the finalists and winners within each category included:

  • Airline performance is determined based on on-time arrivals (arrived at the gate less than 15 minutes after the scheduled arrival time).
  • Awards are based solely on performance results for flights that are part of the airline’s network. This includes both mainline and regional flights.
  • For the Low Cost Carrier category, only flights operated by the airline are included.
  • Performance is assessed only for airlines where FlightStats can accurately determine the outcome of 90% of an airline’s flights unless otherwise noted.
  • Only scheduled passenger flights are included in the analysis (no charter, unscheduled, or cargo flights are considered).
  • For all categories, worldwide arrivals in all regions of the world are included.
  • For global airline awards, all flights operated by the airline are evaluated.

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