Mobile-app platform Meridian uses FlightStats data in their powerful way-finding airport apps

Meridian is a mobile-software company that helps businesses within a busy location create apps that engage with their visitors. Popular retail outlets, hotels, hospitals, subways, airports, and museums use the Meridian Editor software to build and maintain mobile apps that take advantage of GPS and other location-aware technologies.

Image iPhone with Meridian app showing FlightStats Data

Meridian uses FlightStats Data in mobile app.

The challenge:
People in airports are always trying to navigate in a hurry and are met with the challenge of figuring out the lay of the land.

Airports have a brief window of time to provide a really positive experience for the traveler, and in that time, they also need to maximize the revenue opportunity for the businesses within the airport.

A typical scenario:
Typically on-the-go travelers are hastily scanning airports’ electronic displays, hurriedly searching for their gate numbers, or are wandering the halls in confusion seeking amenities such as the nearest bathroom, food venue, or lounge, en-route to their gate. Travelers are often left feeling confused, rushed, and unsatisfied since they were not equipped with the information necessary to optimize the experience.

The solution:
Meridian offered app-building software to airports such as Portland International Airport (PDX) and the Sydney International Airport (SYD). With Meridian’s software, the airports built apps filled with helpful resources such as airport amenity information including: stores, restaurants, and food venues. The apps they built though are much more than just interactive maps. For example, the app built by PDX gives the traveler quick access to highly relevant trip information via the data powered by FlightStats including: flight status, delay, airport, and gate data.

“Airports are complex places that see many harried travelers with only a few minutes to find the right dining option or gift,” said Jeff Hardison, vice president of Meridian.. Therefore, airports want to create their own mobile apps that support traveling passengers while maximizing revenue from a traveler’s brief visit in their airport. To give travelers a sense of just how much time they have to spend in the airport, incorporating FlightStats real-time data is crucial. Thankfully, FlightStats makes the integration process easy.”

See a little demo of how Meridian’s app for the Portland International Airport works.

The Meridian-Powered App for the Portland Intl. Airport from Meridian on Vimeo.