Welcome IATA NDC Hackathon Participants!

FlightStats is pleased to offer our rich suite of flight, airport, and trip information APIs for your use. We’re excited to see what creative solutions you’ll create using our APIs.

Using the FlightStats APIs

In order to access our APIs, you’ll need to sign up for an evaluation account on our Developer Center at: https://developer.flightstats.com/getting-started.

In the sign-up form, please enter “IATA NDC Hackathon” in the “Intended use” field on the evaluation account application form. You may sign up immediately.

We strongly encourage all participants to sign up for an evaluation account at least 48 hours in advance of the Hackathon to insure that your account is setup in time for the event.

Our normal evaluation account does not include access to our advanced Trips APIs. However, because this event is specifically addressing the IATA NDC standard, and FlightStats’ Trip APIs and trip repository are ideal for NDC solutions, we’re opening these advanced APIs for NDC Hackathon participants as well!
We have also created two documents that are intended to help you get started quickly with our APIs:

General Information

General Hackathon API information:

General Info

Trip APIs

Introduction to the FlightStats Trip APIs:

If you have any questions about these APIs or your access to them, please contact our support desk at: helpdesk@flightstats.com and include “IATA NDC Hackathon” in the subject of your message.
Good Luck!