FlightStats is pleased to offer it’s APIs for use during the IATA NDC Hackathon in Dublin, Ireland. In order to utilize these APIs, participants must sign up for an Evaluation Account at

The sign up form — — has an input field title “Intended Use for Data.”  Please enter: “IATA NDC Hackathon”.

Signup period starts on May 12, 2017.  The APIs will be open for use starting May 12, 2017 until the end of the Hackathon.

Once we receive your request, we will approve your account and assign you to a specific application plan that contains access to certain APIs.  The APIs and limits are listed below.

FlightStats will respond to sign-up requests within a reasonable timeframe.  Our normal business hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM Pacific Time (UTC-7). Please sign up for your account at least 48 hours in advance to insure that you have access to the APIs as soon as the hackathon starts.

Once you receive notification that your account and application have been approved, you will need to log in to the Developer Center and navigate to the Dashboard to view your application and retrieve your appId and appKey.

To get help before or after the hackathon, send email to and include “IATA NDC Hackathon” in the subject of your message. During the Hackathon, a FlightStats employee will be available to answer questions.

FlightStats will offer two types of APIs for the hackathon:

  1. We offer several flight status and alert APIs that return information about individual flights, airports, and weather.
  2. We also offer a series of advanced trip-based APIs that load and query complete flight itineraries (i.e. trips). These trips APIs allow you to load a full trip and receive alerts on the trip, including details on connections, as well as a trip status call that returns the status of all flights in a single call.

Flight Status APIs

This page describes the endpoints for the first (flight segment-based) FlightStats APIs:

Group Limits
Airlines 100/hour 1000/total
Airports 100/hour 1000/total
Alerts 200/hour 2000/total
Delay Index 100/hour 1000/total
Equipment 100/hour 1000/total
Flight Status and Track – flights 500/hour 4000/total
Flight Status and Track – airport 500/hour 4000/total
Ratings 100/hour 1000/total
Schedules 500/hour 2000/total
Weather 500/hour 2000/total

Trips APIs

This page describes the Trips APIs:

API Description
Alerts/Test Delivery Test delivery of a trip alert and view the message payload
Trip Import Allows you to load trips and specify alert settings and delivery points for the trips.
Trip Status Returns the latest status information for all flights in the trip.