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Flight Status APIs

Access the Most Comprehensive and Up-To-Date Global Flight Data

Our Flight Status APIs contain over 300 data elements per flight record, making them the most comprehensive & detailed source of real-time information available.

  • Includes scheduled, estimated and actual departure/arrival times, equipment type, delay calculations, terminal, gate, and baggage carousel.
  • Data can be accessed by flight, by route, by fleet, and by geographic area.
  • Irregular operations support.
  • Services that are well documented, and easy to integrate.
  • Support for multiple languages.
  • Enterprise-level characteristics that customers require.

Other Flight Status Services


Delivers flight status data in an easily digestible format, used to power the FIDS boards found in airports, hotels, and other travel-focused apps.

Delay Index API

Provides current departure performance for airports, shows where problems are occurring throughout the world.

On-Time Performance API

Provides flight performance scores that rank a flight’s on-time percentage and degree of lateness over the preceding sixty days.

Data Feeds

We can also provide real-time flight status data via a streaming data feed.  Our data feed delivers structured data using a simple request/response file transfer protocol, with updates every minute.  This information can be stored and managed locally, removing size and latency issues.

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Flight Alerts APIs

The Alerting Platform Used by Many of the Biggest Names in Travel

Leveraging our industry-leading global flight information, our Flight Alerts API is a simple yet powerful service that monitors a single flight segment and pushes alerts when the status changes.

  • Get information on an individual flight pushed automatically to you, rather than having to constantly request updates.
  • Configure alert triggers so that you get only the updates you want (because too many messages can be a bad thing).
  • Create, retrieve and delete flight monitoring rules, as needed.
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Schedules APIs

A Global View of Flight Schedules

We offer a set of Schedules APIs and applications that deliver complete schedules information in easy to consume formats.

Our API offerings

  • Schedules API – A simple lookup service that delivers information on direct flights between and origin and destination, including codeshares.
  • Connections API – A more robust service that delivers information on both direct flights as well as connecting flight options between the origin and destination, including codeshares.

If you’re interested in a complete schedules file rather than a look-up service, let us know.

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Connections File

Covers All Available Connections from over 900 Global Airlines

Access over 90 million online and interline connections covering 360,000 airport pairs worldwide. Our Connections File covers all available connections from over 900 global airlines.

Why choose our Connections file


 Customized connections tailored
to your sector and requirements


The most reliable and
accurate information


Timely and
flexible delivery

Connection types that suit you





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Positional APIs

The Key to Understanding What’s Happening Now, and What WILL Happen

In partnership with FlightAware, FlightStats offers Positional APIs and applications that deliver real-time positional information to passengers and to those serving them.

Positional APIs

  • Flight Track APIs – Used to track flights by flight number or by airport.  They provide the current position of flights, along with altitude, speed, course, and other details including flight plan waypoints, irregular operations information, and status details.
  • Flights Near API – Returns the same information as the Flight Tracks API, but the input parameters specify either a circular region around a point, or a bounded box.

Initial flight plans and aircraft positions are made available when they are received (often roughly 24 hours in advance for flight plans).


Positional Applications

Our FlightStats web and mobile properties provide map-based applications that show positional data for a given flight, or for a collection of flights. If you’re a traveler, our combination of flight status and flight tracking data is truly unique.

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Reference APIs

With Good Reference Data, Your Flight Data Makes More Sense

Reference data includes airline, airport, equipment, terminals and gates, country codes and more that translate real names to the codes used in most travel applications and APIs. This information is constantly changing, and we work hard to stay on top of those changes.

Airline API

Delivers details about airlines including IATA/ICAO codes, airline name, and active/inactive status

Airport API

Delivers details about an airport including IATA/ICAO codes, location (lat/lon), airport name, street address, elevation, UTC time zone offset and more

Weather APIs

Delivers current conditions and forecasts for locations in the United States

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Historical Data & Analytics

Historical Data and Analytics That Drive Business Intelligence

FlightStats offers historical reporting solutions that enable our customers to take advantage of this information.

Historical Flight Status API

Our Historical Flight Status APIs offer the same rich details available from our regular Flight Status APIs. The underlying data that supports these APIs is stored indefinitely and does not receive updates. This allows customers to request a single flight or all flights from an airport on a given day. The flexibility allows customers to build out solutions incrementally without purchasing a large chunk of data at once.The underlying data currently includes flights back to February 7th, 2006.

The Historical Flight Status APIs support the following types of queries:

  • Historical Flight Status by Flight
  • Historical Flight Status by Airport
  • Historical Flight Status by Route

Reports and Visualizations

  • Reporting applications that deliver historical on-time performance data on airlines, airports.
  • Real-time visualization applications that show what’s happening now with airlines, airports and routes.

Our applications are built on top of our industry-leading global flight information and our modern data warehouse. Learn more about our Analytics applications at our Reports and Visualizations page.

Data Drops

FlightStats offers data that you can use to power your own analytics solutions. Delivery mechanisms include:

  • Real-time operational data feed.
  • Data export direct from our data warehouse.
  • Direct SQL access to our data warehouse.
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Predictive Services

Uniquely Positioned to Provide Predictive Services to Our B2B Customers

The ability to predict flight delays with a reasonable level of confidence can be very valuable. Below are just a few examples of where delay prediction can have a big economic impact:

  • Visualizing the air traffic system in advance of actual flights.
  • Understanding the impact of flight networks on ground transportation networks.
  • Optimizing revenue and reducing costs during times of disruption.

The amount of data that goes into a delay prediction model is overwhelming. It takes dozens of data sets with hundreds of features in order to get predictions to an acceptable level of accuracy. FlightStats is working to solve the prediction problem. We’re uniquely positioned to tackle the challenge given the data at our disposal, including our historical data. Stay tuned, as we will soon be introducing new predictive data products for the benefit of our B2B customers.

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Web & Mobile Applications

Web & Mobile Applications That Deliver a View Into FlightStats Data

Millions of visitors a month get their flight information from FlightStats properties. Via the website, we offer applications that enable you to:

  • Check flight status and track a flight
  • Set up a flight alert
  • Look up a historical flight
  • Get airport Information
  • View statistical reports
  • And much more
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