Transform Waivers from a Hassle to an Opportunity

What if there was a way to transform airline policy exception waivers from a hassle and waste of time into an opportunity to increase revenue and add service value?

We know matching airline policy exception waivers to trips is a very manual and time-intensive process. When a traveler calls in for service during a disruption, agents lose valuable time researching waivers or calling the airline to clarify whether a waiver applies. Call wait times skyrocket, threatening service level agreements. Travelers get frustrated waiting on hold. Your agency’s reputation suffers.

FlightStats’ Travel Waiver Services make your agents more efficient by automating the process of receiving waivers and matching them to your trips. Agents no longer have to struggle to remember which waivers are in effect for which airlines and airports or waste valuable time calling airlines to decipher a waiver. Each time a waiver is issued or updated, the system automatically generates alerts that notify your agents of the new or updated waiver and the trips that match the waiver.

Additionally, the system provides a convenient, unified repository of waivers with links to a PDF version of the original waiver issued by the airline. When agents need access to waiver details to process a change or refund, they no longer have to waste time visiting various websites or sorting through previous waiver emails. Everything they need in order to provide outstanding service is right at their fingertips.

Learn How FlightStats Travel Waiver Services Helped Gant Travel

The Challenge: Gant Travel sought to streamline the process of allocating waivers to travelers to save costs and provide a superior level of service for travelers affected by disruption.

The Solution: Travel Waiver Services automated the process of matching trips to waivers, making it easier for agents to find waiver details and reducing the average handle time for incoming calls.

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