Know What’s Happening

With the FlightStats app for iPhone and Android, you can quickly get the latest flight information exactly when you need it. The FlightStats app offers many of the same features as the FlightStats website, such as:

Check Flight Status

Quickly access worldwide flight status by flight number, airport or route

Track Flight On A Map

Watch the flight travel to its destination with our beautiful flight tracker

Check Airport Conditions

Quickly check airport essentials like current delays and weather conditions

Over 9 million people have downloaded the FlightStats app. Try it out today!

FlightStats for iPhone

FlightStats for Android

42mm Glance 42mm Details

FlightStats for Apple Watch

The power of our iPhone application on the Apple Watch. One of the first general purpose flight tracking applications on the market, FlightStats for Apple Watch has two primary uses:

  • The glance view allows you to quickly see flight information at the flick of a wrist by displaying only the most relevant information based on the current state of the flight
  • A more featured application displays all your saved flights and lets you drill into details for each