Smart Travel Means Staying Informed – Holiday Travel Guide 2

FlightStats Offers A Series of Holiday Air Travel Tutorials

Traveling during the holiday season can be equally exciting and stressful. As you move through security, to the gate, onto the airplane, onto a connecting flight, and out the terminal – things can go wrong. Delays, cancelations and coordinating with family and friends can be challenging. To minimize the risk of a bad travel experience, use FlightStats. We have a set of features that help air travelers stay informed – whether it be at the gate, in-flight, or arranging to pick someone up at the airport.

Check out these new video tutorials to best manage your holiday travel experience:

Using the FlightStats Mobile Website – monitoring flight status and using the Flight Availability tool in the case of cancellations and missed connections
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In-flight – looking at the status of your current flight on a map, checking the status of a connecting flight and using the airport terminal detail pages to get local traffic, weather and amenity information (this also includes our newest feature “Interactive Terminal Maps”)
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Tracking the air travels of family and friends – stay abreast of departures, arrivals, delays and cancellations
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Safe travels!