Nine tips to survive a plane crash

Despite the recent spate of airplane landing incidents this July, it is statistically highly unlikely that you will be involved in a plane crash. According to data from the Aviation Safety Network the chances of being involved in a fatal…

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Traveler Tips: Demystifying tipping

When traveling, knowing how much to tip, who to tip, and if a tip is even expected is confusing. The reality is there are general guidelines but they vary by country. Fortunately great minds of travel and etiquette shared insights…

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When delays occur, flying equals frustration

The Berkshire Eagle - There's a lot of frustration with air travel these days, from the confusing fares to the fees. Just figuring out what each airline charges for baggage can tricky. Booking the most affordable flight can be mind-bending.…

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How to disaster proof your vacation!

June is just around the corner. Kids will be out of school and its almost time for summer vacations to begin. In order to prepare for the best vacation experience, MSN Money's Jean Chatzky shows how to prevent the unexpected…

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