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Team Spotlight: Luana Smith

Team member:

Luana Smith

What is your position at FlightStats?

Senior Software Engineer

What made you interested in what you do?

As a college freshman, I picked computer science as a money-making career. Once I actually started working with computers, I realized that I really liked their orderliness.

How long have you been working at FlightStats?

16 years

How has FlightStats evolved since you started?

I think we have really matured. When we started out, our focus was on making money and moving forward. Now, we’re an organization that plans what we’re going to do based on the needs and best interests of our customers. We have a better understanding of the industry and we care about the value of our services more than ever.

What do you like about working at FlightStats?

I like the people who I work with. We’ve got a great team. I also like working in a concrete, well-defined industry. When I talk to people about my job they can relate to what I do.

What’s the best part of being an engineer at FlightStats?

Freedom. We’re given a lot of freedom so we’re able to apply new technologies and try new solutions.

What are your hopes for our company?

I hope that we will solidify our claim to being number one at what we do. I hope we’re going to continue to get better and better.

What do you do in your free time?

I spend most of my free time sewing and designing machine embroidery. I have a commercial-grade six-head embroidery machine. I also have four kids so there is always plenty to do.

Any other fun facts you want to share?

I met my husband when he was assigned as my partner on a competitive ballroom dance team.