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Team Spotlight: Trey Witteried

Team member:

Trey Witteried

What is your position at FlightStats?

Software Quality Assurance Engineer

What made you interested in what you do?

I got into software QA by accident. I went to school for information systems, so I was initially looking for regular IT roles, but occasionally other roles as well. I started forgetting what position I was being considered for because I was going to so many interviews. I went to an interview for a QA Automation Engineer position at a market research firm and got the job because I had decent Linux skills and had experimented with writing a Twitter bot in Python to randomly generate YouTube videos.

How long have you been working at FlightStats?

Just over three years

How has FlightStats evolved since you started?

We’ve grown in the number of people we have. As soon as Jim Shore did his Agile training in June of 2014, it set in motion how all our cross-functional teams perform today. We have also made progress in reducing our dependency on our Pathfinder APIs, moving more customers to our Flex APIs and deprecating a lot of legacy code.

What do you like about working at FlightStats?

I like the culture here. We have a relatively relaxed environment, and we’re free to solve problems however we want to solve them. We’re more focused on choosing the best way to get the job done rather than getting too caught up in formal processes.

What’s the best part of working as a Software QA Engineer at FlightStats?

I enjoy finding hidden faults in seemingly stable products. It’s fun to be a critical thinker at work and be able to ensure that we have a working product that’s ready to be consumed by our customer base.

What are your hopes for our company?

I hope that we continue to get the right products to the right customers at the right time as the needs of those customers change with the market.

What do you do in your free time?

I geek out over electronic music a lot. I listen to a lot of house and techno music. I’m a closet DJ, but I don’t expose myself to the outside world because I think the world has enough DJs. It’s mostly for my own amusement. I also spend a lot of time honing my technical skills. I’m taking an online statistics course right now and playing around with a programming language called Racket. I’m also always looking for the best tacos I can find on SE 82nd Avenue.

Any other fun facts you want to share?

I had waist-length dreadlocks for a good five years of my life.