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Top 7 News and Insight Articles from Routes Americas

Last week, we met up with our colleagues from FlightGlobal and Diio to attend Routes Americas 2017 in Las Vegas.


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As for the event itself, there were quite a few notable industry highlights. We put together a list of top news and insight articles from Routes Americas 2017 to help learn more about the changing landscape of the air travel industry in the Americas:

1. IATA urges pro-aviation push in Latin America

IATA continues to push for improved infrastructure and fewer regulatory barriers in Latin America, with the group noting that such barriers continue to keep the commercial aviation industry – particularly the ultra-low-cost segment — from reaching its full potential.

2. US travel ban affected outbound passengers: IATA

Peter Cerda, regional vice-president in the Americas at IATA, says travel restrictions implemented by the administration of President Donald Trump have caused outbound air traffic to go down slightly. He says passengers traveling from the USA to the seven countries named in Trump’s travel order fear those countries could respond with their own travel restrictions.

3. Official defends openness of US skies

“I’m not sure it could get any easier,” said Brian Hedberg, the US Department of Transportation’s director of the office of international aviation, in defense of the openness of “open skies.” His comments come in the wake of a years-long delay in approval of Norwegian’s application for an operating certificate. Despite that controversial delay, the official says foreign airlines have great access to US routes.

4. Aeromar looking at Embraer aircraft

Aeromar, which is seeking to significantly increase its capacity from Mexico, is “looking at” Embraer E-Jets, and could potentially place an order. In the short term, Aeromar will continue to acquire more ATR turboprops and launch routes to more cities within Mexico and to the USA. The airline aims to continue to grow and launch flights to small and midsize cities.

5. US airline boom ‘won’t last’: Embraer commercial chief

Embraer’s CEO of commercial aviation, John Slattery, predicts that huge profits earned in recent years by US airlines “won’t last”. His comments come as several CEOs of US airlines have argued that US airlines, through mergers and cost cutting, may never again suffer widespread financial losses.

6. Aeromar chief discounts fears about Trump policies

Aeromar Airlines’ chief executive does not fear that air travel between the carrier’s home nation Mexico and the USA will be negatively affected by policies of US president Donald Trump. In fact, Aeromar has plans for expansion into the southern US. “We fly over the wall,” the’s airline’s CEO adds. “We don’t fly illegal aliens. Everyone that flies in an aircraft has a visa.”

7. Industry pushes US air traffic control overhaul

“We cannot continue to operate with an infrastructure that was developed back in the late 1960s [and] 1970s,” said Peter Cerda, IATA regional vice-president for the Americas. Many aviation executives continue to push for privatization of US air traffic control (ATC), suggesting that the effort could come to fruition under the administration of president Donald Trump.

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