Volotea FlightStats Airline Partnership Program

Volotea Joins FlightStats’ Airline Partnership Program

We are proud to announce we are continuing to strengthen our relationships with airlines and adding Volotea to our Airline Partnership Program. As a member of the program, Volotea will supply FlightStats with a real-time operational data feed.

The Airline Partnership Program was designed to provide value back to airlines as well as support our efforts to improve our data quality. Our growing list of direct data feed partners enables us to increase the breadth, accuracy, and timeliness of our data.

Working with FlightStats, an airline can:

  • Control the Message. Our data reaches a large number of global travelers and service providers every day. Providing us with a direct feed ensures an airline’s data is properly represented.
  • Gain Insight. Our data can help drive insights into an airline’s performance, the performance of their code-share partners, and the performance of their competitors.
  • Leverage FlightStats’ Reach. We distribute data to parties who might otherwise be difficult or costly for an airline to reach.

We understand that airlines need to be able to provide their travelers with the right information at the right time as well as increase the efficiency of their operations. A partnership with FlightStats gives them the tools they need to achieve both these things.

“FlightStats is an outstanding industry partner. Through their broad market reach they are able to represent the Volotea flight story in the most accurate and timely manner across the broadest range of our customer touch points,” said Alex de Jesús, CIO of Volotea.

Collecting and distributing flight data to our customers is a complicated process that requires us to refine and verify information against multiple sources. Getting information directly from an airline allows the FlightStats team to quickly test and confirm facts and craft a detailed narrative of each flight.

“We are thrilled Volotea has decided to engage in this partnership with us,” said Jim Hetzel, Vice President of Business Development at FlightStats. “This contribution to FlightStats’ data sources helps assure we have the highest quality of data as well as the deepest breadth of coverage in the industry.”

FlightStats is dedicated to supporting the best interests of airlines and providing them with the information they need to make smart data-driven decisions. Our goal is to provide airlines with data that will empower them to solve problems and better serve their customers. It’s the quality of our data feeds that enables us to give the best answers about what’s expected, what’s happening now, and what actually happened.

About Volotea

Volotea, the airline of mid and small-sized European cities, offers direct flights at very competitive prices. With the addition of 6 new Airbus A319s in 2017, the company will operate a fleet of 28 aircraft next year. Volotea will have 10 Airbus A319s, with a configuration of 150 seats; and 18 Boeing 717s, with 125 seats. Both models are recognized for their comfort and reliability, with Volotea offering reclining seats which are 5% wider than the average with approximately 30 inches of separation between each row.

In 2017, Volotea will operate 240-250 routes among 79 medium and small-sized cities in 15 countries: France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Greece, Croatia, The Czech Republic, Israel, Albania, Moldavia, Portugal, Malta, UK, Austria and Ireland. Since its creation in April 2012, Volotea has transported more than 9 million passengers across Europe and expects to transport between 4,3 and 4,5 in 2017.