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Our flight performance and delay information, both real-time and historical, can have a dramatic impact on the actions of travelers, travel managers, suppliers and anyone else impacted by flight operations.

The Best Available Flight Performance Data
  • The broadest and most accurate worldwide coverage, secured from multiple sources
  • Support for codeshare flights
  • Support for a broad array of flight events
Solutions That Fit Your Business
  • Real-time information delivery that drives flight status and event messaging services
  • Historical information solutions that drive on-time performance and reporting applications

  A complete flight status and event messaging solution for travelers, travel managers, suppliers, freight forwarders and others.

  Merge PNR data with actual flight performance data, and quantify the impact of service on costs.

  Consider on-time performance and delay characteristics before choosing between potential flights, all through a simple score.

  Analyze and compare historical flight performance for routes, airports and carriers.
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